Online stores

Most marketing automation functions dedicated to online commerce. Features that include the product catalog, shopping cart, or checkout.

Collect Prospects

Increase conversion rate

Increase average order value

Make clients to buy again

Personalize shopping experience

A pleasantly impressed vizitor is easier to turn into a client. Offer him personalized information based on his interets and help him to find easily what he is looking for.

Increase conversion rate using A/B testing

Sometimes good design might bring lower conversion rates. Try various texts, colors, messages to see what converts best and which bring you the highest number of conversions.

Retarget clients close to purchase

Last step before purchase confirmation is the hardest and very often is postponed. Remind your clients about your business and your products and sometimes give them something for free to encourage buying.

Encourage repeat business

It's 5 times more expensive to get a new client comparing to selling to an old one. Each product/service has a buying cycle or has related products which will bring more business.

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