In-store Apps

Benefit from lost offline traffic and integrate it with your digital store. Get apps ready to be installed in your store.

Case studies

Mixing offline data with your online marketing database is the base to increase revenue and grow sales on the long term. Our solution can run in almost and business types, but has the best results with: banking, retail, horeca and business events.

Live event feedback

Get leads in banking/insurance branches

Feedback for retail business

Advantages to integrate offline and online marketing

Your subscribers are very valuable

Collect offline leads

Increase your prospects database with ease from the traffic you already have in your locations.

Data you can collect:

Members program

Increase lifetime value

First purchase is hard to get. But is also very hard to make your clients loyal. If you already have a members program and want to increase engagement rate, using our systems is very valuable.

Analyse your business

Collect feedback

Polls and surveys answers from your clients help you improve services and grow your business. Listening to their requests will help you on the long term, increase their engagement and also you stop loosing traffic without getting anything from them.

Question types:

Product discovery

Present product catalogs or any other information

It's hard for people to discover all your products and know their benefits. Using our tablets they have an easy to use tool for product discovery.

Presentation ideas:

Make clients loyal

Special Contests and Promotions

Lots of buyers are very attracted to prizes and contests. They like to win something and prizes are a good way to keep them near your business. While you get important information from them and also update your databases, they become more interested in your products.

Contest ideas:

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